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feeling blessed

22 May

This post is not really pregnancy or baby related. Just a note about how grateful I am for the kindness of strangers.

When Arturo and I bought our house a little over a year ago, there was a lot of work to do inside and out. We have spent the majority of our time and money focusing on the interior of the house. We are almost done with the top floor and we still have the whole basement to finish.

One of biggest eye sores has been the yard. The house had sat empty for quite some time and the rock landscape had not been maintained at all. There were weeds about knee high growing through the rock and it was obvious it would be a big project.

Last summer, Arturo rented a Bobcat one afternoon and cleared out all the old rock and most of the really tall weeds. The rock has sat in piles in our front yard ever since.

In August, when my dad came to visit, he bought us a hedge trimmer and he and Arturo worked on clearing the rest of the really tall weeds.

This spring, Arturo bought some rock to spread on one side of our driveway to make more room for parking. It has sat in a couple of piles for a few months now.

It has really been driving us crazy to not get something done with the yard. We have been wanting to rent a Bobcat and get everything all cleared out, but with me not working there has been absolutely no extra money to do anything like that so we have just dealt with it and hoped that somehow we would come up with some way to rent one. Up to this point, buying groceries has even been tough.

A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor from up the road stopped by and told Arturo he has a tractor and that he would like to help us get the yard cleaned up. He said he could get quite a bit done in a couple hours and that he would charge us $45/hour. We thought that was a pretty good deal so once we were able to scrape together $90, we asked him to come over.

He worked for almost 2 hours yesterday and said he would come back to finish up this morning. I was a little nervous and kept asking Arturo, “How much is he going to charge us?” He had told Arturo that if we didn’t want the old rock, he would gladly take it and knock some money off the price. So, we really didn’t know what he was going to charge us at the end or if we would have money to put gas in our vehicles to get through the week.

When he finished up this morning, He left a small pile of rock and said that he would come by later this week with a trailer to take it home. Arturo asked him what we owed him and he said we could just get him a 6 pack of Coke sometime.


I am feeling beyond blessed to know that there are still kind people in this world who will do something for nothing. It is rare and it has humbled me to think of areas I should be giving more.

The yard is still not perfect obviosly, but it is a huge improvement and major step in the right direction.

Thank you Lord for sending Jack to us.



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