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graduation day

18 Feb

This morning we had our LAST appointment with our RE!! I can’t believe it!

Baby is measuring right on target at 8 weeks and has a heart rate of 176 bpm. The bleed is still there, but Baby Frijole is well protected and they don’t think it will be a problem. So, I am just going to continue resting and drinking lots of water, and believe that is true!!

New this week is all day nausea and puking. Yesterday I didn’t keep anything down all day. It is making it hard to stay hydrated.

I only have a few more weeks of shots and then I will be done with those too! Woohoo!


I really am rejoicing at how well this is going and I feel so blessed!!

My first appointment with my ob is on March 1st. So, I am just gonna rest up until then!



9 Feb

I am 7 weeks today and we heard Baby Frijole’s heartbeat!! 132 bpm!! I am overjoyed!

I was calling the baby “Bean” and Arturo decided to use the Spanish word “Frijole” instead so that is Baby’s nickname, Baby Frijole!

The bleed looks somewhat better and I attribute that to all the resting I have done since my last appointment.

I talked to the nurse about my job and she said it sounds like too much stress. Also, she said I can’t do stairs, and our building is 3 stories. My office is on the first floor, the break room is the second floor, and my boss’ office is on the third floor. So, after some discussion, Arturo and I decided it is best if I quit my job. It will put a strain on us financially, but it will be worth it takes  have a healthy baby and for me to not be so stressed out. He came with me to talk to my boss and already I feel 10 times more relaxed.

I don’t know why we can’t just have a normal, easy pregnancy, but I guess that is just not in the cards for us and I just need to be grateful for the health of this baby and do what the Dr’s order!


beating heart

4 Feb

In my last pregnancy, we never saw or heard our baby’s heart beat. At our second ultrasound is when they first diagnosed there was a problem with the pregnancy. So, I have been slightly anxious about going for my second ultrasound. I would best describe my mindset as “cautiously optimistic.” Sometimes it feels like I am just waiting for the bottom to fall out.

Well, we went for our ultrasound today and right away, the nurse saw the baby’s heart beating. So… That was AWESOME!! We couldn’t hear it yet, but probably by next week.

Then, she asked if I have been spotting at all because there was a little blood in my urine. And also, she pointed out a bleed in my uterus. I haven’t been spotting, but I am honestly pretty freaked out by this bleed. She said it is common in IVF and that at this point it is not a concern because Baby is far away from the bleed and is well protected. She said I need to rest, drink more water, and eat less carbs. All three of those things are difficult for me and will take a lot of self control. So I am at home resting for a few days. And I am trying to double my water intake. I have already been drinking so much I feel like I am going to float away. So, more is tough. But, less carbs is so hard for me. I am a carb addict. I am going to do my absolute best, though!!

We go for another ultrasound on Tuesday and I am hoping that things will look better by then!

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